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Zim Coop Union as a cooperative makes investing affordable, rewarding and accessible by enabling everyday people to invest alongside professionals and venture capital firms in early and growth stage, plus startup businesses. Start building an investment portfolio on Zim Coop Union and own a share in businesses you believe in by joining the cooperative spirit, Illimaism/Nhimbeism.


Come around everybody, let us discover the greatest resource we have in ourselves. We have always looked up to big institutions like the World Banks and other First World counties with our caps in hand, yet if we coalasce our own resources we can raise enough capital to fund our own projects from ground zero.


Let us explore the opportunities our problems and challenges have presented to us. By changing our perspective, our problems and challenges quickly become opportunities for us to explore. While others see problems and challenges, we see opportunities and potential.


From the opportunities and potential we have identified we are providing a pool of resources to fund your creativity. The solutions to all our problems and challenges are the very opportunities presented by the challenges themselves, hence it takes our creativity and problem resolution mindset to craft the solutions to hte challenges that confront us.


Let us come together to help each solve our problems. Our ancestors called this process, illima in Ndebele or Nhimbe in Shona. With Nhimbeism/Illimaism we have the approach that has seen other nations use systems like isusu(Japanese) successfully to raise enough capital from savings to fund national growth and development which has guided them steadily to this day. Start today to help yourself by helping others.

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Each and every Kickstarter project is the independent creation of someone like you.
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